MT4 trading platform

The WSG and manage the first step in the financial markets is having the right tools. The WSG to provide 24-hour online trading services, MT4 trading software is currently the most advanced in the world, the most widely used of the trading system. Customers to understand the market quotation, trading, account information integration in an interface, convenient operation. The WSG's FX TERMINAL integrating these tools. With real-time information, competitive price, advanced analytical tools and many other ahead of the function of the market. The latest version of the FX trading TERMINAL TERMINAL, can try to use the most advanced chart analysis, so that it can be perfectly combined with WSG platform execution mode of foreign exchange. This platform does not need to third party bridge, also do not need synchronization procedures for automatic account. At the same time, foreign exchange traders identity a secret, because price provider does not see the customer's stop, check surplus or backlog list, effectively ruled out the conflicts of interest between brokers and clients.

MT4 trading platform, widely used in foreign exchange transactions, customers can through the MT4 on financial markets, view real-time quotes, use technical indicators to trade. Customers unlimited on MT4 trading platform using smart trading programs (EA), the customer set the trading strategy written into a computer program, so that trading automation. Regardless of the customer's trading experience, can be handy to use MT4 trading platform and various functions. By make full use of various functions MT4 platform, customers can keep up with the market dynamics, and adjust the trading strategy according to the market change. MT4 platform to provide users with a variety of tools to help customers to trade. WSG FX TERMINAL can easily EA perfect combination with customers, to play a maximum utility without execution mode of foreign exchange traders platform, body design indicators at the same time, more with the customer's trading style; Implement customer management deal scripting.

Risk warning:All foreign exchange, precious metals are accompanied with great risk, therefore is not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to fully understand the risks at your own can bear within the scope of the investment. More risk for details, please refer to the risk of WSG statement and deposit policy.