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Common problems

What is an agent (IB)?

Any individual or company that introduces third parties to foreign exchange, precious metals, or CFD trading for WSGFX is IB.

Is IB a WSGFX employee?

No. IB is not a WSGFX employee, but a signatory to a broker agreement with WSGFX.

Can IB proxy transactions for its clients?

With the approval of the limited authorization letter of appointment, IB can manage the account on behalf of the customer and manage the account.

How does IB manage the client's foreign exchange business?

IB can get business reports online, and WSGFX has an instant rebate account for IB. IB can see real-time commission information and withdraw money at any time. The page for obtaining the business report requires a password to log in and is open 24 hours.

To become an IB, do you need to pass the broker exam?

WSGFX does not require IB to provide a broker certificate.

Can WSGFX existing customers become IB? If so, what should I do?

can. Existing customers can become IB. If you would like to apply for IB, please send an email to support@WSGFX.com or call the WSGFX 24-hour customer service hotline.

Do I need to have my own company to apply for IB as WSGFX?

No. You can apply to become a personal IB, or you can apply to become our IB agent in the form of a company.

Risk warning:All foreign exchange, precious metals are accompanied with great risk, therefore is not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to fully understand the risks at your own can bear within the scope of the investment. More risk for details, please refer to the risk of WSG statement and deposit policy.